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Senior Songwriting Project

These songs were written, recorded, rewritten and rerecorded to demonstrate skills acquired through the Bachelor of Science, General Music Studies program at the University of Oregon. All songs herein are property of but may be freely reproduced. Go ahead -- if you like it, download it! If you enjoy it, share it! Thanks so much for lending an ear! It's a great privilege to be able to share my heart and imagination through song. Thank you for listening!

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Auditory Physiology Documents

These are some auditory physiology documents which I find extremely interesting. Have a read: it's all pretty cool stuff relating to how we hear sound and how our brains process what we hear.

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I don't know what I want in life, but I know what I love, and I'm going for it.

My feet are throbbing as I kick them up onto the coffee table in front of me. My ears, though ringing, are enjoying the peace of a quiet house. And my voice is pretty tired, but my heart wells up with a million words. (Sorry fingers, I know you're tired.. but my mind will sit and spin if I don't procure a filing system for all these thoughts.) So here I sit, exhausted mentally and physically, turning to an old-fashioned method of sharing thoughts -- the online blog.

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